SRE as a Service
(site reliability engineering)

Ensure hard-edged stability, reliability, and performance of your infrastructure

Suppose your company is running an infrastructure that has to maintain services and products while managing continuous update processes. In that case, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), aka the software development approach to operations processes, is what you need to ensure your infrastructure stability, reliability, and performance. Site Reliability Engineering highlights aspects of the software development process and attributes them to operations matters aiming to create and maintain a highly reliable software system. Google, Amazon, Netflix, Reddit, Alibaba, Meituan, and Tencent – are the companies that eagerly endorsed the SRE approach to ensure that their services were accessible, solid, and failure-proof. ProfiSea’s WS/Microsoft Azure/Google Cloud-certified engineers take care of your cloud infrastructure to ensure the system uptime is not compromised due to malware, system/human errors, or other issues. You need Profisea’s SRE to:
  • Reduce or curb downtimes of your products and services;
  • Predict risks and cushion them;
  • Shorten SDLC phases by automating processes;
  • Make the software production more cost-efficient. Downtime danger is significantly reduced due to SRE, which makes it one of the largest revenue boost pushers for the IT business.

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