NOC as a service

Do you need highly-skilled & experienced engineers to guarantee

  • round-the-clock infrastructure uptime;
  • 24x7 infrastructure monitoring; 
  • 24x7 infrastructure maintenance;
  • 24x7 infrastructure administration to ensure the high availability of critical business services?

Welcome to Profisea's centralized virtual facility, where experienced cloud experts monitor, manage and quickly respond to alerts if critical elements of your system fail.


NOC advantages

No one is immune to all sorts of contingencies ranging from ISP outrages to human error; on the other hand, handling IT disruptions ASAP is our clear duty since outage/downtime losses are huge. Profisea AWS/Microsoft Azure/Google Cloud-certified and Kubernetes-ready experts keep a close eye on your cloud infrastructure to ensure the system uptime is not compromised due to malware, network errors, or other issues.

Profisea NOC team easily deploys the network, server, and application monitoring solutions, where all alerts from the monitoring tools like Grafana, Prometheus, Elasticsearch KibanaLens, and Pingdom are handled. The high functional Profisea’s NOC helps technicians from your departments proactively identify problems across the network before they even occur.

  • Availability
  • Downtime reduction
  • SLA metrics

Our onboarding process

Profisea team carefully studies customers’ requirements and cloud infrastructure logic
NOC team staffing and running customer infrastructure training
Monitoring system
NOC team enables Continuous Monitoring Systems leveraging Grafana, Prometheus, and Elasticsearch KibanaLens
Customer's site alerts
Adjusting alerts as a part of the Continuous Monitoring pipeline
Alerting & escalation processes
Arranging SLA, escalation flows, permissions
Alerting channels
Designing escalation flows leveraging Jira, Confluence, Slack, Opsgenie, and Pingdom
Dry run
Performing rehearsal scenarios, plus arranging regular system testing

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