Happy to Announce the Launch of ProfiSea Labs Beta: Next-gen Cloud Management Platform that Will Visualise and Save Your Cloud Spendings

News flash! The time has come. We’re beyond happy to announce that we’ve launched the Beta version of our multi-cloud management platform “ProfiSea Labs”. It’s a next-gen optimization system that is the first of its kind to combine cloud cost analysis, cost saving, and visualization capabilities. With it, you can govern your cloud infrastructure, reducing expenses on your virtual assets up to 90 percent. ProfiSea Labs offers truly unique features, drives robust results, and is completely free. Do you want to become an early adopter or get the details about our product? Contact us asap — we’re only a few clicks away.



Seeking help from a professional DevOps company in Israel?

ProfiSea offers its own free cloud visualization web app that not only auto-generates diagrams but enables you to improve the end-to-end production cycle.