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We leverage first-rate DevOps, GitOps, DevSecOps, CloudOps, and Kubernetes practices and provide high-endFinOps services that contribute to the success of our clients.

Who are we?

Profisea is an Israeli boutique DevOps and Cloud company providing a full spectrum of Cloud Management services, from smart customization of existing Cloud Infrastructures to end-to-end Cloud Infrastructure designing & optimization that meets your vision and unique business requirements. For more than six years, we have been implementing top practices of GitOps, DevSecOps, and FinOps, and providing Kubernetes-based infrastructure services to help businesses of all sizes – SMB, SME, or large enterprises to transform their organizational mindsets, increase productivity, and boost performance.

Our experience

Founded in Israel in 2015, we’ve delivered numerous projects in various domains, constantly growing with our clients.

Our team

Experienced DevOps, NOC, SRE engineers, project managers, FinOps practitioners, Cloud Architects, QA specialists – Profisea experts will temporarily become a part of your team to design, build, operate, secure, and scale unique cloud environments.


AWS, Kubernetes. HashiCorp, Terraform, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, FinOps


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We attentively learn your requirements and collaborate with your teams to develop tailored cloud solutions that perfectly fit your business's needs. Our dedicated professionals implement best DevOps practices to design unique cloud environments to maximize performance, ensure faster deployment, improve product quality, and reduce time to market.



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Our case studies

Quicklizard Implements State-of-the-Art Automation to Elevate their AWS Infrastructure

Quicklizard Brings Radical Change to the E-Commerce Industry Quicklizard has taken the lead in transforming digital pricing for retailers and direct-to-consumer ...
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INX Reshapes the World of Digital Assets Using AWS Services

A Bridge into the World of Digital Assets  INX, the owner of two digital asset trading platforms, is undoubtedly succeeding in transforming ...
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GeoX Leverages Profisea’s Expertize for Smooth Cloud Migration to AWS

GeoX is an award-winning Israeli AI analytics company that provides geospatial Property Data for insurance and real estate companies. Its Property ...
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Our values

We combine engineering excellence and hands-on experience with a customer-first approach to deliver high-value and high-quality solutions that supercharge clients’ enterprises and create lifetime partnerships.

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